Google Workspace:
Productivity suite for your team
An all in one suite that enables your team to create,
connect and collaborate across devices and locations.

Everything you need to get work one place.

Google Workspace

Everything you need to bring your project to life.
Everything you need to bring your project to life. Designed for seamless collaboration, these apps help you work faster, smarter, together.

Reach your colleagues and clients wherever they are with the help of Chat, Spaces, Meet and emails.

Reach your colleagues and clients, wherever they are. Boundaries are broken with Google Chat, Google Meet and more! It’s just like being in the room- be present even when you are not.

Store and collaborate:
Store all your files and work together with your teams in a secure hub of productivity with the help of Drive and cloud search.

Access and Security:
Access everything you need within a secure hub with a single source of truth via your admin console and dashboard. Get visibility in how your company is maximising the use of Google Workspace to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Benefits of Google Workspace for your business

Manage meetings and resources: Google Calendar:
With Google Calendar, your team can easily schedule meetings and get reminders so they are always updated on what is happening next.
They can also manage resources such as conference rooms, equipment sharing and building usage.

Manage company documents: Google Drive
Google Drive allows you to store all your files and documents in the cloud based storage.
Cloud storage gives you the flexibility and freedom to access and collaborate on documents with your team across devices and across geographical locations.

Internal Communication: Spaces and Chats

Streamline the team’s internal communications with Google Chats. Chats allow for historical data preservation, even after a staff member has left the company. Google Spaces allows for project management communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

Documents Suite: Google Docs, Slides and Sheets
With a complete document suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides) that is hosted on Google Cloud, your team can collaborate in real-time across devices.
Save time and boost your team's productivity and efficiency by collaborating on projects and company deliverables.

Gain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace with a Google Cloud partner who understands your business and the market

BusinessCom Consulting Services Limited. 

Why partner with us?

Partner-led implementation and customisation -

As a trusted Google Workspace partner to over 300 clients, we have immense experience and customer service in helping businesses transition into the Google Cloud ecosystem.
We provide a partnerled approach to working together that enables us to offer custom deployment and training to your team so that you can realise the full benefits of your investment.